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Uniforms are an age-old vehicle for maintaining a clean and professional appearance in various types of hospitality workplaces as well as for use at home. While housekeeping uniforms have withstood the test of time, some specific uniform designs have not. Over time, industries and their respective workplaces have evolved, and will continue to do so - some of them calling for new designs, others for needed improvements, be it fashionable or practical. HousekeepingUniforms.com stocks the latest maid uniforms and housekeeping dress designs, as well as the tried and true designs that most of us are familliar with.

In-Stock Programs / 24 Hour Shipping

Housekeeping uniforms are a class of product that will always be in demand. Wherever there is a hospitality service to provide, HousekeepingUniforms.com will always be able to provide hotel uniforms to keep a clean and professional appearance for those who wear them. We offer large in-stock programs to ensure businesses and consumers are never in short supply of maid uniforms and dresses, hotel uniforms, aprons and various housekeeping uniform accessories. Just to make sure you have them on-time, orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.

Housekeeping Purchase Across the Board - No Minimums

Whether you are ordering one or one-thousand maid dresses or uniforms, your orders are welcome. We ensure that all of our products are available to order without any quantity minimums.
Hotel Industry Low Prices That Get Even Lower
Our prices remain low regardless the size of your order; however, if you are planning to submit a large order please look at our volume pricing discounts on any product page; the more hotel uniforms you order the less cost-per-item. (And that's on already low prices!)

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