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Cleaning As a (Fun) Family...

Attempting to clean a messy house might seem like an oxymoron when you have children living under your roof. Not only an oxymoron, but a next to impossible task.

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How Mary Poppins Was More Than Just A “Nanny”

We all know the beloved movie and tale of Mary Poppins. Growing up watching it and adoring Julie Andrews consistently wishing we could have her for ourselves. This movie helped us all grow accustomed to the ideal of her being the best nanny to ever exist.

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Cleaning Tips for First-Time Home Owners

We’ve all been there as first-time home owners: it’s our first time out on our own, whether it’s your first time stepping out of your childhood home or taking your first step into adulthood after college – it’s all on you now. So when you move into that new home, you’re suddenly stuck with the realization of, “wow I need to…. clean!”

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Housekeeping Tips for an Effective Household

When it comes to cleaning your house, it’s important to be effective and have a great schedule. That’s why we will look at a few housekeeping tips to have a clean and effective household that you can be proud of.

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How Often Do You Need a Housekeeper

Housekeepers can be a great help to many households. Not only do they help to cook and clean, but they allow you to have more free time to relax and take care of your family. Let’s take a look at how often you need a housekeeper for your household.

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Housekeeping Vests for Busy Professionals

When it comes to housekeeping work, your clothing is important too. Let’s take a look at how housekeeping vests can help you enjoy your work, and always look professional.

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How Work Uniforms Can Boost Your Business

A work uniform can do wonders for your company; not only does it look good but it boosts productivity. Let’s take a look at how housekeeping uniforms can boost your business, and how you can choose the perfect uniforms for your staff members.

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7 Reasons to Hire a Housekeeper

Getting the assistance of a housekeeper is an option that many people consider. Here are a few great benefits that you can enjoy when hiring a professional housekeeper.

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Caddies vs Aprons: Which is Best?

If you’re part of a cleaning team, you know just how important it is to have all your cleaning tools with you. But do you choose a caddy or an apron? Let’s compare the two and see what benefits they offer.

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Housekeeping & Uniforms - Taking a Look at History

Housekeeping staff has been around for ages, and so have their uniforms. We take a closer look at the importance of a housekeeping uniform, and how history has changed in this profession.

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