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10 Important Cleaning Supplies Everyone Should Have for an Effective Clean

Believe it or not, there is a real difference between cleaning and effective cleaning. Anyone can clean, but getting the job done the right way is really what it comes down to. 

There are a few steps that one can take to assure the ultimate successful and effective cleaning. One being to have a plan. Executing what needs to be done, what order you're going to be completing it in and how much time each task will take. Having a plan and making a timeline and checklist is not only helpful but a great way to stay organized and on task! 

The other major thing is having the right tools. Without the right tools to get the job done, then the job would essentially not get done, leaving you where you started. If you already have the tools (or think that you have the tools), making sure that they are the best version of those tools is what makes a successful and effective cleaning experience! 

So, we took it upon ourselves to round up a list (in no particular order) of the top 10 cleaning supplies that we feel that everyone should have whether you're working a job or cleaning on your own.

1. Microfiber Cloths: These are great because they really help rather than a duster or a regular hand towel to pick up dust and dirt with ease. It's also great because of the microfiber technology and material to not scratch or harm your furniture or leave dirty or wet streaks on your windows.

2. Apron: Cleaning aprons are a real necessity when it comes to an effective clean. They help to not only protect your clothing, but to help store and give easy access to certain tools or supplies that you might need while in the cleaning zone. 

3. Sponges/Squeegee: Having a sturdy sponge and a squeegee are absolutely a necessity for a deep clean. A clean and sturdy sponge is great for so many reasons, for dishes, grout cleaning, and scrubbing those hard to clean places. Whereas a squeegee is not only just fun to say but great for keeping windows and your shower/bathtub squeaky clean.

4. Vacuum: This should be a given, and we probably don't need to go into depth as to why, but having a reliable vacuum is the power to most successful things in life. 

5. All-Purpose Cleaner/ Spray Bottles: Whether you're making your own DIY cleaner, or using your favorite cleaner, having an all-purpose cleaner that is safe to use throughout your house is going to really change the way you view successful cleaning. 

6. Buckets: Buckets are a great way to not only have go hand-in-hand with your mop and cleaning rags, but it's also the perfect vessel to store your supplies so that you can continue to move through your cleaning schedule as efficiently as possible. 

7. Toothbrushes: We know, sounds weird - but hear us out. Toothbrushes are that perfect scrubbing brush that can really help reach those hard to reach places and make them sparkling. They also help to prevent mold and build-up which is something we never want to see. 

8. Extendable Duster: For those hard to reach places, such as fans, shelves and curtains. 

9. Appropriate Clothing: Although we already mentioned aprons, wearing the appropriate cleaning attire when doing a big task like this is equally important. For those in a professional setting, housekeeping dresses are a great choice for a professional look. And a quality pair of housekeeping pants is perfect for comfort and ease throughout the cleaning process.

10. A Positive Attitude: So, you're organized, you have a game plan and all of your supplies, now you just need to tackle it! Keeping a positive attitude will not only make the experience enjoyable, but go by a lot faster! 

Now... get to it! You got this!