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3 Accessories Housekeepers Can't Live Without

We all have our special things; you know, things that make us unique. That’s what makes us all different and all unique- which in pretty cool if you as us.

Because of this, we all have different careers, passions, interests, likes, dislikes, etc. Within these different careers lies different standards and rules. We have different education, meetings, goals and so much more. It’s people like all of us that make up the world and why it continues to turn. But, enough about the differences that make us so special, and more about the understanding of others within your field.

When doing a job for a long time you not only become more educated on the job itself, but learn different things while doing so. It becomes a routine and apart of us that takes place every single day and in turn makes up a big part of who we are. While doing this, there are certain things we learn we cannot live without while on the job. For instance, a writer can’t write without a pencil or computer, a painter needs a paintbrush and a lumberjack clearly cannot cut anything down without an axe.

So why don’t the same rules apply to housekeeping uniforms? Well, they do! Apart from the actual tools (mops, cleaning products, etc.), there are specific accessories that make up specific housekeeping uniforms that would make it a little more difficult for them to do their jobs effectively.

The three accessories we deem so important it would be difficult for housekeepers to live without: Aprons, Gloves and Vests.

Aprons: Wearing an apron is common in a lot of housekeeping uniforms. Wearing aprons not only lends to protecting one’s uniforms while cleaning, but also adds convenience when in a large environment. Housekeeping aprons are an easy addition for anyone that offers cleaning services. The option to customize your uniforms with a name or company logo allows for an individual and professional touch that other businesses might not have.

Gloves: Wearing housekeeping gloves will not only help to keep one’s hands clean while working in an extremely busy environment, but also are versatile to be worn in other working industries as well! With lightweight and durable material, the housekeeping gloves add a simplistic but comfortable touch to any housekeeping uniform.

Vests: For those that wear a uniform that consists of wearing housekeeping shirts and tunics rather than a dress, consider adding a housekeeping vest into the mix. With unisex, colors and pocket options, the housekeeping vest portrays a professional and uniform look for all employees. Again, able to be embroidered or screen printed for that special business touch. Wearing a vest allows the average housekeeping uniform to take a more stylish and different approach while still being comfortable and convenient for the employee.