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5 (daily) Tips to Assure a Clean Home

We think that we can all agree that life can become hectic sometimes. Between schedules, work, children, a personal life, etc. Cleaning can sometimes fall behind our list of things to accomplish.

Staying on top of cleaning within the household can not only help keep the house itself clean, but your mind as well. Certain tasks and organization chores are more important to some than others; but at the end of the day, no matter the aspects of our home we choose to keep tidy, we all wear our housekeeping gloves the same.

In this blog, we put together five tips (out of thousands) that we think are simple enough to complete in everyday life, and will ultimately help the home to feel put together. 

1. Make the bed: Making the bed every morning is a tedious, but rewarding task. Not only does it set the tone for the day, but it gives you something nice and positive to come home too. It teaches responsibility, to take care of personal things in one’s possession and all around helps the home to feel tidier. Trust us, at the end of the day, nothing is sweeter than climbing into a warm and cozy bed. 

2. Pick up as you go: Okay, so maybe you don’t wear a housekeeping apron  while walking around the house. But, that doesn’t mean that staying on top of what is going on within the home is less important. Picking up while you go is something that might sound familiar that your mother told you as a kid, or that you even say to your kids! “Clean up after yourself.” It’s so incredibly simple, that once you get used to it, there won’t even be a second thought. It’s just picking up, cleaning up and wiping down after you do something. Although at the moment you might not want to, at the end of the day, you’ll be glad you did it. 

3. Fluff your pillows: So, this one might seem silly, but just trust us. Along with making the bed comes fluffing the pillows. First of all, who doesn’t like a fluffy pillow? Everyone does! So, fluffing your pillows might seem not as extreme as some tasks that need to be done within the home, but it’s an added benefit and simple task one can take on to make things in the home feel complete.

4. Always keep a clean sink: Again, this kind of ties in with picking up as you go, or cleaning up after yourself. Sometimes it’s amazing to see how quickly things in the sink pile up. By the time you take a second glance, dishes, cups and random utensils can be piled up without even knowing how. Although cleaning the dishes isn’t something we all enjoy or want to do on a regular day basis, immediately cleaning your dishes after use will open your eyes into a whole new (and clean) world. The more you do it, the less it will begin to feel like a chore and feel more a part of your routine. 

5. Throw out one unnecessary item from fridge every day: This is a tough one. Just like dishes pile up within the sink, food and beverage items piled up within the refrigerator. If remembering to throw out old produce, leftovers and take-out is difficult for you weekly, try to look within the fridge once a day and throw something out that you may not need. This will help to not only open your fridge to showcase what you might need, but will also keep the refrigerator clean and from getting out of hand with unnecessary, old and smelly items.