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5 Tips to Guarantee a Clean Home

Cleaning is something that we all struggle with from time to time. Activities and schedules become so hectic, crowded and time consuming that we sometimes fall behind in the actual living situation that surrounds us.

Don’t worry, there’s no reason to be embarrassed. We’ve all been there and suffered through the mess that we let transpire. But, it’s okay! Life happens and that’s what makes it so exciting, exhilarating, and even amusingly frustrating sometimes.

So, in order to help you stay ahead of the mess and clutter, we have given five key tips (out of millions) that will guarantee a maintained and clean home. Now, some of you may know these tips, have forgotten them, or have tips of your own! But, sharing is caring and we all want a sparkling kitchen at the end of the day, right?

1. Smelly sink? A lot of people overlook the cleanliness of their sinks because there is either dishes piled in it, or it just isn’t a thought. But, if you think about it, smelly and old and eaten food is being placed down there. So, eventually an order is going to appear. In order to not have your family walking around with masks on to protect them of the smell, peel a lemon and toss a few rinds in the disposal. Run the disposal and run cold water at the same time… and voilà, no more stinky sink!

 2. If anything, this is the biggest tip (no, these are not in order of importance)! Keep the cleaning consistent! While running around the house like a mad person, try to remember to just pick up and unclutter throughout the day as events are happening within the household. Encouraging kids and the rest of the family to do the same will only help in the long run. It will assist in reducing the amount of mess that has accumulated at the end of the day, and therefore give you more “me time” to maybe enjoy a nice glass of wine.

 3. One of the major appliances we use when cleaning, may be the one thing that is continuing to spread germs throughout your house! Think about it, the sponge you’re using to sop up all that mess? Well, now it’s covered in the mess you wiped up along with whatever else is floating around the environment. To assure ultimate cleanliness, pop the sponge in the microwave and it will kill a majority if the bacterial and germs that are now swimming inside that sponge. You’re welcome.

 4. Making an organization chart with a schedule and list of all of the rooms, appliances, etc. will help to keep things going in a timely and orderly fashion. Making sure that the necessary products for each situation or room are readily available and now running low. When it comes to the actual product, make sure that a quality product is being used when cleaning. It’s important to know and understand what each products purpose is and how to use them correctly. Dollar store products don’t always get the job done! Use the list and stick to the allotted time until the end goal is accomplished and everything is ticked off and tidy once more.

 5. Wear the appropriate attire! Giving a good clean to anything is not something that should require formal gown attire. Wearing the appropriate clothing, such as: comfortable shoes and clothing and even having something like an apron and protective gloves to guard clothing (no matter how old) is the safest option to achieve ultimate cleaning goals!