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A Few of Our Favorite Housekeeping Tunics & Shirts

Choosing a housekeeping uniform can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many options, how do you find a uniform that is comfortable, durable and still provides a professional appearance?

Well, at Housekeeping Uniforms, it is our mission and honor to provide a variety of housekeeping uniform options that provide all three of the credentials we mentioned above. Whether you’re looking for a housekeeping dress, accessories, or to embroider and personalize your uniforms – we are not only happy to help, but available for any and all questions you may have.

Some of our most popular items are found within our Housekeeping Tunics & Shirts collection. Styles available for both men and women, in a variety of different colors, styles and materials allow the individual to find exact what suits their needs and business. Tunics and shirts are a great option for those in the hospitality industry because they allow for easy movement, and are durable and can withstand long hours of work as well as washing.

Below are a few of our favorite tunic and shirt options that we think you’ll love just as much as us!

Junior Cord DB Housekeeping Tunic
This tunic is available in a few different colors, but here we are showcasing the grey. This shirt is a poly/cotton blend, which allows for ease of movement and comfort. It also has two pockets that are perfect for convenience when cleaning. The white collar, sleeve cuffs and buttons allow this double-breasted tunic to provide a stylish and professional look for any uniform setting.

Navy Junior Cord Men’s Housekeeping Service Shirt
This one is for the men! Again, coming in multiple colors, this men’s housekeeping service shirt is professional as well as long-lasting. The blue color brings the collared shirt to life a bit and the two pockets make for a great and convenient addition.

Black Nehru Housekeeping Tunic
A great selection for those working in environments, such as: hotels, restaurants, casino’s, etc. This Nehru housekeeping tunic is sure to add a touch of elegance and confidence to any uniform look.

Steel Grey Pinnacle Housekeeping Tunic
This tunic is an awesome option to be a part of a housekeeping uniform in many realms within the hospitality industry. The steel grey is contrasted with a lighter grey on the collar and cuffs, and the low pill fabric and anti-static finishing touches on this tunic make it a comfortable, professional and environmentally strong option.

These are just a few of our favorites (and it was hard to narrow it down), but keep in mind that whichever item(s) you choose, you have the ability to take it a step further with our customization features! This allows you to either embroider or screen print names, company logo, etc. on all uniforms to make them unique to your specific needs! Taking advantage of that as well as our volume discount is not only recommended, but a great success with past customers!