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Alice Inspired Uniforms

If you were lucky enough to grow up watching The Brady Bunch, chances are that there are probably a few things that will stick in your mind forever. Pork Chops n’ Apple Sauce, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” and of course, Alice.

Alice was a jack of all trades to the Brady family being a housekeeper, cook, and friend. She was such a lovable character, (and not just for that glorious cookie jar…you remember the one) that brought a different sort of edge to the Brady clan. She was talented, witty, and really great at her job. She showed all of us what it meant to not only work for a family as their housekeeper, but be truly accepted and looked at as family. She was always there to make everyone laugh, feel respected and appreciated which with six children growing up in one household was so important to showcase.

So, in this blog, we have decided to dedicate this ode, per say, to Alice: The Housekeeper of all housekeepers. We have chosen some “Alice” inspired looks for when you need inspiration, motivation, or just a classic and unforgettable housekeeping uniform.

For an option that is probably the closest to replicating Alice’s memorable uniform, we recommend the Navy Pincord Double-Breasted Housekeeping Dress. With white embellishments and lining, pop a straight-lined apron on and people might actually think you are Alice! If you’re looking for a more updated version of the classic “Alice look” for you or your staff, the Light Blue Princess Dress is the way to go.The princess cut allows for a more figure flattering and simplistic approach, while still looking professional in that standard Alice blue. The next two options expel dresses completely and stick to housekeeping shirts to pull off this inspired uniform. The Light Blue Loose Fit Smock is the perfect shirt alternative to the princess dress and gives a breathable and moveable, but still practiced look. Lastly, the cutest tunic for the stylish housekeeping staff, the Teal Junior Cord Tunic. This look is a sophisticated and updated housekeeping uniform look that just gives off that polished effect.

Whichever option speaks to the Alice within your soul, we couldn’t think of someone better to inspired our uniforms after. Just looking at the pretty blue always puts a smile on our face. And we know that the more comfortable and happier we feel in our uniforms, the harder we work.