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Caddies vs. Aprons: Which is best?

If you’re part of a cleaning team, you know just how important it is to have all your cleaning tools with you. But do you choose a caddy or an apron? Let’s compare the two and see what benefits they offer.

Whether you are carrying a caddy or feeling an apron, the profit is that you will be more efficient as you will have your cleaning tools with you. You won't have to spend time running back and forth to other locations to get tools and equipment, and as they say, time is money. Everything you will need to effectively clean the room will be with you, but not everyone likes to carry a caddy with them, and an apron is much more comfortable to wear.

Wearing an Apron
An apron allows you to safely organize small tools, spare towels, and other important items. You can carry a wide variety of cleaning tools in an apron, even more than in a caddy. You can add brushes, scrubs, scrapers, sponges, gloves, and cotton swabs. If you are consistent with what you place in each pocket of your apron, you’ll be able to grab it in no time at all. You won’t have to fish around your pockets to find what you’re looking for, so an apron allows you to be organized.

Your apron is also convenient to place small pieces of trash, that you’ll throw away when you get a chance. It can be something as simple as a gum wrapper, without having to first find a trash can. It’s just another way of saving a bit of time along the way.

If you have suitably sized spray bottles, you can fit them comfortably into the pockets of your apron. You can carry them with you as you clean, without having to look around every time to find the cleaning bottle. Some housekeeping aprons have loops that allow you to hang cleaning products on them, making it even more convenient to use. This all saves time and makes your job so much easier.

Another benefit of wearing an apron is that it will help to keep your clothes clean while you work. You’ll work with a lot of cleaning materials, clean dust and other dirt from furniture, and clean surfaces that may be unhygienic. That’s why an apron is such a handy item for housekeepers.

If you’re afraid that your apron might get in the way when you bend over to clean a shower or tub, you have a few options. If your apron sits too loose, you can make sure it’s properly tied to fit perfectly. You can also simply turn your apron to the side when you want to bend down. You can also choose a lightweight material so that your apron will be cool and comfortable. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable and hot while you clean a room.

There aren’t many drawbacks to aprons; unless you look at small things like washing them often. If you have very large tools and cleaning equipment to carry with you, it may be uncomfortable, but this is usually an exception and won’t be part of your daily routine.

Using Caddies and Buckets
Caddies are very handy when it comes to carrying cleaning materials, chemicals, brushes, vacuum attachments and so on. These items can stay together as you move through the house, and they can also handle wet items that may drip, without getting your clothes dirty.

Using a caddy effectively may take some getting used to; you need to constantly remind yourself to put your cleaning materials back in the caddy as you move on and clean other areas of the building or home. But if you can get into this routine, a caddy can help you to keep everything together. But some housekeepers feel that caddies have a few drawbacks.

The caddy must be the correct size to be helpful to you. If it’s too large, you’ll have a hard time carrying it around with you and it might become tiring by the end of the day. So it’s important to make sure that you choose a caddy that has the right size. If your caddy is too large, things can also get lost along the way; you may have to look for something under all the spray bottles, which can waste time.

Also keep in mind that caddies have to be maintained. They have to be regularly cleaned and wiped dry, to keep them looking neat and be hygienic. You don’t want to have a cross-contamination hazard. So it takes a bit more effort to work with a caddy, but if chosen correctly it can be a great help to you.

To Conclude
Both caddies and aprons can improve the efficiency of your work as a housekeeper. If used correctly, they can help you to be more effective and save time while you work. If you are a new cleaner, you may need some basic training on using these tools properly, and to remember to make use of them effectively.

A huge benefit for business owners is that both caddies and aprons can be used to promote your brand. You can add your branding to both of these, using waterproof labels on caddies, or embroidery on aprons. Visible branding is essential, especially if you have housekeeping staff that works among visitors or customers. You can also buy aprons in bulk, to save money and have extras available when needed.

Generally speaking, aprons are preferred over using caddies. They are comfortable, easy to wear and provide a lot of useful features that saves you time and effort. It’s something you don’t have to carry with you, and your clothes will also stay clean and fresh. Caddies do have benefits to offer, but unless you have to handle heavy-duty cleaning projects, aprons are simply more effective to use.