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"Clean Life, Happy Wife"

Have you ever heard the say, “happy wife, happy life?” We’re sure that most of you have at one point or another. This saying can mean many different things depending on who is interpreting it or saying it along with the circumstance. But we like to think that it means slapping on some cleaning gloves and getting down to business will ultimately achieve a household with a clean life and happy wife. Having a clean home, office, kitchen, etc. helps to make a not even just women, but everyone to feel more content, organized, and well, happy.

A few things that will help to achieve this mantra: organization, lists, schedules & assignments, and communication.

First and foremost, organization. Creating tools and compartments that help to make a specific room more organized (instead of having stuff spread out everywhere so that you can’t even see the floor) will not only help you see objects better, but provide way more space for the room in general. Every item in each room should have a specific place to go in and everyone residing in the household should know that after an item is used, it goes right back into its designated location.

Next, having a list. This also lends itself to organization as without an organized list most things would be complete and total chaos. Having a list of items that are necessary and tasks to accomplish will help to have things done in a timely and orderly fashion. Being able to check those things off of the list as moving forward will assist in keeping everyone on track.

The last three suggestions and tips we have for achieving the “clean life, happy wife” status blend cohesively together in our opinion. Having a schedule with assignments that is able to be communicated to everyone in the household. Having a schedule is not only important to keep timing moving at a specific pace, but knowing what room is meant to be cleaned at what time. On a schedule, there are usually assignments for each specified person. The assignments within the schedule help to provide knowledge of where each person should be and what they should be doing at what time. Kind of like an assignment on a job, it goes back to the grade school years of who, what, and when. Lastly, but probably most important, communication. Without communication, these things would never be able to be completed or accomplished. Communicating to family, friends, etc. their assignment, schedule, and where specific tools are the whole purpose of cleaning would end up pointless. In order to work together and successfully do anything as a team, communication is absolutely key.

Remembering these five little key tips will not only lead to a “clean life and happy wife,” but a clean and happy household.