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Cleaning as a (fun) Family...

Attempting to clean a messy house might seem like an oxymoron when you have children living under your roof. Not only an oxymoron, but a next to impossible task. As soon as you mop, someone comes trotting into the kitchen, or as soon as you vacuum something is dropped onto the carpet. It’s just the name of the game when children are involved; and it’s why sometimes, as much as they drive us crazy, we love them dearly.

Although (as we mentioned) cleaning with children seems more difficult than not, finding a way to not only get them involved but to learn responsibility while doing so is that of a serious accomplishment. Happy parents, tired children and a clean house! Who could ask for more?

So, we have come up with some helpful ways to accomplish a messy house when kiddos are involved

First and foremost, make it fun!
It’s completely possible to turn the dread of cleaning your house into a family filled fun adventure. Put on some music, slap on some special aprons and get to cleaning!

Assign designated areas to each child.
Apart from their bedrooms, designating a specific area for each child to clean, not only helps to diffuse any arguments about cleaning supplies or locations, but it helps the child learn responsibility. Having to be responsible for a specific area to clean and make spotless is not only exciting to them, but makes them feel good when accomplished.

Folding laundry is their new favorite thing.
Turning tedious and boring tasks into a game or challenge will really help the kiddos to feel creative and exert some energy at the same time. Making the grueling task of folding laundry into a little game takes piles of clothes to a whole new and exciting level.

If you have fun, they have fun.
Remember that although the ultimate goal is a clean house, doing it together as a family and team is what is most important. Although it might be a struggle in the beginning to get the help or pull them away from video games, in the end, if you make cleaning the house lighthearted and fun the kiddos will be sure to follow.

Rewards equal happiness.
Cleaning a house is a lot of work! Scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, wiping, etc. There is a lot that goes into it and any help is tremendously appreciative. Rewarding your kiddos as a result for not only their help and cooperation but a job well done puts a positive experience in their head. Knowing they earned a special toy or trip to the arcade goes a long way in their eyes and will hopefully help them to assist more often!