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Cleaning with Kids


Most patents know, the task of cleaning with children can somewhat be a challenge. It seems that sometimes the more we seem to clean, the more things seem to appear.

But, we’re here to tell you that cleaning with kids doesn’t have to be as daunting as it might sound. It can be fun, creative and a family event that not only teaches so many lessons to the kids, but creates a positive and fun bonding experience while achieving a sparkling clean home!

Below we have complied a short list of 5 super creative, inventive and dare we say really helpful and great ideas to implement into your everyday life and/or cleaning schedule! These little tidbits are great ideas and even cleaning games that are really all about learning and keeping things up beat and fun for the whole family.

  • Get Them an Apron: Having their own apron or smock with pockets  does one of two things. First, it makes them feel special, excited and eager because they have their own “gear” that’s personalized for them which is always motivating. And secondly, it teaches them as their cleaning to pick things up along the way. Should they find a Lego or something they can place it in their apron pocket as they continue to clean.
  • Make It into a Game: Set a timer, give a set of tasks or a challenge for them to complete before a certain time. This not only makes it feel like a game, but they’ll be more focused on accomplishing the final task.
  • Checklist or Chore Chart: We know, totally old school – but it clearly still gets the job done! Having a designated chore chart that’s divided into separate sections for each child, not only helps to keep things organized, but also helps to teach them responsibility and time management. Triple win if you ask us!
  • The Color Game: This is a little trick and game loved by parents everywhere! If their playroom (or designated play area within the house) is beyond messy, break out the color game for this cleaning tip! The game is simple: You name a color and the kids have to find everything in the room that is that color and put it away. Proceed until all colors are gone and voilà you have a clean room!
  • Motivation Is Key: Instead of buckling down, offer positive reinforcement for the kids. Teaching them that cleaning isn’t a punishment, but more of a lifestyle will not only lead to a cleaner and happier home, but definitely help them in their future as well.