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Holiday Party Prep Made Easy!

Holiday season is probably one of the most exciting times of the year, but also the most hectic! Tons of parties, events, work deadlines, activities, and everything in-between.

But, for those hosting this year, whether it's family or friends, big or small there are some great tips out there that make prepping for your event so much easier and in turn, your event run smoothly so that you can actually enjoy it for yourself! 

We browsed the internet, and that along with our past experience, we were able to round up some tips that are guaranteed to make your party prep and party a truce success.

  • Lists are your friend! Make lists for what you need, when you want to start your food prep, table prep, decorations, etc. Cross each task off the list as you go. The classic list never let anyone down.

  • Rearrange any furniture, make a seating chart, etc. to assure for easily flow throughout your guests experience. This helps people to know where to sit, giving them ample room to stand and mingle as well as comfortable get food should you do a buffet or spread. 

  • Clean all cutlery and plates before hand and they them all out organized and ready so that when you go to set the table everything you need is ready for you. 

  • Decorate your event space and tablescape days prior to your event so that all of the minor details can be adjusted a lot more efficiently and quickly. 

  • Mood lighting and music is a great way to enhance any event. Make a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes or your event theme and a splash of twinkle lights never hurt anyone. 

  • Cut, wash, and prepare any food items, such as: appetizers, main course, side dishes, desserts, etc. a day or two before the event. That way you are able to take things out of the refrigerator or freezer and cook appropriately. 

  • Most importantly... grab a drink, breathe and enjoy your self! It is the holiday season after all.