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Housekeeping Uniforms: Dress Edition

Traditionally, when we think of “maids” or “housekeepers” we flash to movies or shows from back in the day where they were shown wearing classic and simple solid black uniforms with an apron. With the continuation of the rapidly growing hospitality industry, the options for one’s housekeeping staff have grown as well.

Whether the search for the perfect housekeeping uniform is for a small privately-owned company that might suffice with just a simple tunic and pant, or if the employees are able to wear a t-shirt with pants provided to them depend solely on the size, type, and purpose of the business. One thing we know for sure, is that when it comes to uniforms, housekeeping dresses will not only never go out of style.

Why are housekeeping dresses such an excellent choice when it comes to uniforms? Well, they come in a variety of different styles, colors, fabrics, etc. They have the capability of being customized to fit the need of the business as well as promoting uniformity for the staff. Looking the part while working cohesively helps to grow a professional business.

As mentioned, housekeeping dresses lend a variety of different styles to choose from to help make employees look practiced and ready to get the job done. We have chosen a few of our favorite styles that we know would make anyone wearing them feel comfortable, confident and stylish on the job!

Housekeeping Princess Dress: This A-line dress is a poly-cotton blend with princess seams designed specifically for the hardworking employee. The buttons going all the way down the center of the dress make it timeless and professional in its appearance. Its effective “pre-cure durable press” makes the Princess Dress an efficient option as after a long day of cleaning and tidying, the dress will remain crease-free.

Junior Chord Housekeeping Dress: The Junior Chord Dress might ring familiar as what we reference earlier in the blog about uniforms from back in the day. Traditionally worn with a white apron (of choice), this dress remains a classic. Not only is this dress comfortable due to the poly-cotton blend but, it also has tailored princess seems, adjustable waist ties, and kick and back pleats that help to make the dress flattering on any figure. 

Pincord Double-Breasted Housekeeping Dress: This familiar looking dress is commonly worn in the hospitality industry and is designed for easy movement in a busy working environment. One of the most popular styles chosen for housekeepers, this dress offers one of the most stylistic approaches for a uniform. The A-line figure, double-breasted front with buttons just adds to the professional touch of the collar and cuffs around the arms. The fitted waist simply adds a more feminine touch to this standard uniform we love so much. 

Imperial Premier Housekeeping Dress: A more modern and fashionable approach to the housekeeping uniform is the Imperial Premier Dress. It’s color blocking but sturdy style with a double-action back panel and pleat and pockets for efficiency make this uniform a stand out option. Although still common in the housekeeping and hospitality industry, seeing this dress as the uniform of choice in the medical and beauty industry is not uncommon. 

Four different and unique but completely professional options. The decision again, comes down to the individual along with the staff, but with dresses like these, it’s hard to make a wrong decision. Their comfort allows the employee to not feel stiff or annoyed throughout a long working day, and the selections of colors and customizable options (such as embroidery), make the housekeeping uniform unique to the individual company.