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Houskeeping & Uniforms - Taking a Look at History

Housekeeping staff has been around for ages, and so have their uniforms. We take a closer look at the importance of a housekeeping uniform, and how history has changed in this profession.

Housekeeping is physically demanding and plays an important role in your household or business. It's not always an easy job, as it may require you to lift heavy objects, be on your feet all day, and get dirty at times. Luckily, your housekeeping staff can now look good while they do their job, thanks to a variety of modern and stylish housekeeping uniforms.

Your housekeeping staff won't necessarily interact directly with your guests, but by having the right clothing they will represent your business, and maintain a healthy brand image. They will also contribute to the overall look and feel of your establishment, showing professionalism and style. Research have shown that uniforms help to boost the self-esteem of employees and this can lead to an increase in productivity and team dynamic. They feel part of a team and be more productive.

A Brief History
Housekeeping uniforms have an actual history and a lot of thought went into the original design of these uniforms. These uniforms were always meant to be practical, which is why they have pockets, for example, to carry important items of keeping their hands free for other tasks. This still remains important today, as housekeeping staff needs to carry identification cards, keys, and other important items.

Stately homes have traditionally required different uniforms, depending on the role of the individual. Different individuals had different attire, for e.g. the maids, housekeepers and nurses all had different uniforms to differentiate their roles and responsibilities. Modern housekeeping attire is somewhat similar – different uniforms are designed for different working environments, each with their own benefits.

Housekeeping staff had to wear specific clothing items to make sure that they are presentable. For e.g., cleaning work required a housemaid to wear a wide Holland apron over white materials when she is cleaning the house. Similarly, washable materials were preferred when she was engaged in morning work. If a housekeeper should answer the front door, she had to cast aside her dirty apron and be ready at a moment’s notice to speak to guests or even wait at the family’s dinner table.

Another important thing to remember is that the quality and image of the uniforms that housekeeping staff for, was indicative of the class and well of the family. While this is no longer as relevant today as it was before, certain uniforms still have the same reasoning. A well-designed, distinctive uniform that matches the branding of a company, will portray the reputation of the organization and will immediately instill a level of trust and loyalty in the mind of a customer.

While you have a lot of options when you have to choose housekeeping uniforms for your staff, practicality and brand image still remain two of the most important aspects. Housekeeping uniforms will be worn every day, so they have to be functional in the environment that your software working, while still be neat and tidy. If you have a business like a hotel, your image is always important and that's why you should choose housekeeping uniforms that look professional and fit in with your brand.

Choosing the Right Housekeeping Uniform
Decades ago, housekeeping uniforms were chosen to establish a certain social position. Ladies did not like to see housekeeping staff dressed in the same clothes that they have worn, showing just how important it was to differentiate themselves and establish a social position. These days, things have changed a bit; housekeeping uniforms have become quite modern, practical and very versatile.

One of the most important things to remember is to choose the right material. This will depend on the type of work the individual will do, as well as the environment they will work in. there are many options to choose from, including polyester blends, viscose blends, and cotton blends. Keep in mind that you want your housekeeping uniforms to be practical and easily washable, especially in industries such as hospitality, where uniforms will be worn and changed daily.

Industries such as healthcare will require uniforms that are effective and reliable, since they will have to protect the wearer against cross-contamination. Other industries may also need a uniform to protect an individual, showing just how important it is to choose the right one.

There are plenty of housekeeping uniforms available, and they include dresses, pants, aprons, vests, shirts and more. It can often require a combination of these to be effective. You can also add your branding on these uniforms, making them perfect for any working environment. You will ensure that your employees always have a uniform look and represent your company a professional manner.

With modern technology, staff uniforms have become easier to design and to maintain, even though many of the aspects of a well-designed uniform still remain rooted in history. Vintage uniforms show class and stature, while modern uniforms show reputation and branding. There is also a variety of accessories that you can choose from, as well as a wide range of color options.

Housekeeping attire has certainly evolved from a very strict dress code to a modern, gender-equal range of clothing items. But despite this, housekeeping uniforms today still have many similarities to traditional outfits – even though there have been some significant changes in the way they are designed.