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How Mary Poppins Was More Than Just a "Nanny"

We all know the beloved movie and tale of Mary Poppins. Growing up watching it and adoring Julie Andrews consistently wishing we could have her for ourselves. This movie helped us all grow accustomed to the ideal of her being the best nanny to ever exist. 

Mary was more than just a Nanny though. She was more than just some who cleaned up and managed the house. She was more than just a woman wearing an apron and carrying a magical umbrella. She was, “supercalifragilisticexpialodocious.” 

Having to prove herself instantly to Jane and Michaels father, George Banks (who wished for a stern and strict nanny), Mary finds a happy medium and ultimately defines what it means to be a nanny. She teaches Jane and Michael the meaning of  responsibility while having them understand they can still have fun. A perfect example of this is the scene where she helps them clean their room (which no child wants to do), but sings a happy tune as they’re doing it to show that it really isn’t that difficult. Their reward…going to the park. Mary gave them attention and provided care when they needed it most as their father couldn’t be bothered. She taught them how to live life and go through the motions with a positive attitude; and most importantly that growing up is the beauty of life. 

Throughout Mary’s brief time with the Banks family, she also taught the children’s father George what it means to be a father. That consistently being wrapped up and consumed in work, being unkind to others and being extremely uptight at home only makes for more trouble in the future.  Mary helped George understand that it’s important to spend time with your children and help them develop and grow before one day when you realize that you missed their entire childhood.

Although Jane and Michael experienced endless adventures in Mary’s short time on Cherry Tree Lane, the simple changes and realizations she helped the Banks family come to terms with pretty much set the all time record for best nanny ever. She proved that being a nanny is more than just sweeping, cleaning, cooking, and picking up after everyone. Mary proved that being a nanny is a priceless edition to any family.