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Organization Tips for a Busy You

It seems that the older we get, the busier and more hectic our schedules become… and then add that kids into the mix and forget it!

Some days, weeks or months are busier than others and before we know it we’re forgetting which kid plays what sport on which day, the dog still hasn’t been bathed and the housekeeper needs a housekeeper!

But, such as life and what do we do? We work and power through, because we’re awesome. Yes, that includes you! You’re awesome. Sometimes tasks, chores, etc. pile up on us and it feels as if we’re stranded with no idea where to start or even how to start.

Fear not, because in a list of four hundred thousand different tips to start small and get everything in your life and home back on track, we’ve selected a few that really spoke to us and are a great way to get ahold of everything we feel is quickly slipping away.

1. Take a breath. It’s all-good! It’s going to be fine. Focus on tackling one issue or task at a time. Pace yourself because getting organized is not a race, but a marathon. Designating help from your family, friends, neighbors, etc. is a great idea. Make it a cleaning or organizational party (people do that), make it a game, and come up with a creative way to organize everything you want piece by piece.

2. Own an Organizer: Whether it’s a notebook, your phone or computer calendar, a day-planner, etc. as long as it is NOT post-it notes! Owning an organizer is a great way to start small at becoming organized. If you like to get a little nerdy with it, color coordinated pens and highlighters help too. This allows you to keep special dates, parties, games, etc. any time of event you could imagine in one place where you know where to find it! Don’t be afraid to whip that planner out and jot down whatever you feel necessary, when you’re the one that actually brought a snack to the soccer game this week, you’ll be happy you did.

3. Set A Schedule: Different than your organizer is setting a schedule. Knowing when you want to do things along with when you actually have the time to do them. Assign roles and tasks to family members and yourself and set goals of what you want to accomplish that day, week or month. Holding a “family meeting” is perfect for this because whether it’s once a week or once a month everyone is on the same page and ready to rock when the time comes!

4. Teamwork: Which leads us to a commonality between all of the tips…teamwork. Like most things in life, it’s tough to accomplish things without teamwork. By working together to achieve an end goal you become not only unstoppable but, successful. They say team work makes the dream work and when it comes to organization, that could not be truer.