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The Perfect Housekeeping Uniform Accessory... An Apron

Uniforms are different for everyone, including housekeeping uniforms. Whether there is a specific dress code, colored theme, or style of clothes to make up your uniform; there is always room for accessories. 

Depending on whom you're asking, the perfect housekeeping accessory can be many things. In our opinion, it is an apron. Aprons are so versatile and so common when it comes to those working in many industries, such as the food and beverage, restaurant, hospitality, arts, etc. Aprons are a great accessory as they help to protect clothing, add convenience and also provide a sense of uniformity to all staff members.

Here at Housekeeping Uniforms we offer a variety of different aprons that would seamlessly blend into any housekeeping uniform. They add a sense of professionalism while being durable and flattering. 

A great option is the Scalloped Waist Apron. This apron has two pockets and ties around the waist so that it can be adjusted for comfort. The scalloped design and shape of the apron is unique, stylish and a fun way to spruce up a traditional housekeeping uniform. It also is available in multiple colors so that adding this apron to any housekeeping uniform is seamless.

The White V-Line Apron is not only one of the more traditional styles when it comes to housekeeping uniforms, but is one of our most popular sellers! The classic v-line looks great with housekeeping dresses and can spruce up any tunic. Although there are no pockets, this poly/cotton blended apron is also a great option for those in the hospitality or food and beverage industry. 

For those looking for a more high coverage and convinient apron addition, the Cobbler Apron is the apron for you. With two pockets that can perfectly hold tools, rags and washcloths, this durable and performance twill cobbler apron is great for those deep cleanings that would be sure to acquire stains. 

Aprons come in many shapes and sizes, just as uniforms and everything else around us. But, having options to browse and shop which style, fit, color and material is best for you and your staff just makes the process a bit easier.