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Three HGTV Shows That Inspire Us to Appreciate Our Homes

If you’re anything like us, there have been plenty of Sunday’s where you look at the clock and notice that you have been watching HGTV all day. HGTV is a fascinating television network that is home to a long list of TV shows all about homes and gardening. Focusing on anything from finding the perfect home to fixing the broken home, it’s no wonder we can’t look away. Plus, the Property Brothers aren’t so bad to look at either, are we right?

As we mentioned, HGTV is home to a number of shows with extremely talented and creative people. Fan favorites such as: Fixer Upper, Love It or List It, and Rehab Addict (to name a few); give us endless insight and ideas for rebuilding, maintaining, and appreciating our homes. These three shows teach us how to consistently improve our homely surroundings by putting the HGTV motto, “Home Starts Here” into every client and project they work on.

Fixer Upper
Undoubtedly HGTV’s most popular show, Fixer Upper focuses on the “dream team” Chip and Joana Gaines as they lend a helping and life-changing hand to new homeowners throughout Waco, Texas. We’re certain that you have seen the show before, but if you haven’t, don’t worry we will fill you in. Each episode beings with Chip and Joanna guiding potential buyers through a few different available homes that are in need of some major TLC. Once the purchasers have (nervously) made a decision on one home, the dream team steps in. Facilitating a complete renovation inside and out to ultimately reveal a stunning, trendy, and magnificent property. This show is all about noticing a diamond in the rough and showing homeowners that although something might not appear special on the outside, the possibilities are endless when you put your mind to it.


Love It or List It
The ultimate (and exciting) will he or will she triumph show we love to watch, Love It or List It. This show is one of the types we mentioned that we can watch for six hours and not even realize. Hosting the show are, Realtor Todd Talbot and Home Designer Jillian Harris. Todd is a business man that truly knows the real estate market and uses that to his advantage to find current unhappy homeowners a new potential place to call home. At the same time, Jillian puts her designing talents in full gear to show the homeowners that the same household they have just about given up on can become their dream home if they just believe. At the end of each episode the homeowners that are trying to decide whether they should fight for their home by giving it a little sprucing, or completely ditch it and move on have to make a final decision to Love It, or List It. The “battle” between Todd and Jillian within each episode leaves us on the edge of our seats not only guessing what the homeowners will do, but dreaming of what we would do!

Rehab Addict 
Nicole Curtis, mother, superwoman and self-taught “home rehabber” is the star of Rehab Addict. The show focuses around the tough as nails designer who has a soft spot for historical houses in danger of being demolished. Nicole tackles a new home each episode turning projects we could never dream of touching into a true work of art. Putting on her figurative housekeeping uniform and doing whatever it takes to complete the renovation and salvage these special homes, Nicole shows us that regardless of what it looks like, a home is a home because of who has and will live in it.


These three shows and incredibly artistic people, along with many others on HGTV have taught us to appreciate exactly how much work goes into being a homeowner. And that without proper housekeeping, care and keeping on top of your home, things can easily fall apart.