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Tips We Have Learned from Housekeeping Pros

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining our households (or any living space really), we think it’s safe to say that most of us are trying our best.

Coming up with a foolproof plan on how to execute a cleaning system is different for everyone, nonetheless stressful. That’s why some of us choose to call in the pros in the housekeeping uniforms; to assist, guide or just lend help in general if we don’t have a ton of time to assure our homes are in the order we hope them to be.

If you have ever had a professional housekeeper or cleaner come into your home, watching them is actually really eye-opening and helpful. This is a craft, a skill, something that they take pride in. There’s a method to their system and schedule of how they clean and sometimes the littlest things we notice within those schedules open our eyes to all of the cleaning wonders we never even thought of.

Thinking about this, we decided to put together a little list of tips that we have learned and deem most helpful when it comes to not wanting to tear your hair out just to have a clean floor. The tips are a mixture of things we have been taught, watched on HGTV (you know you do it too), read in magazines or blogs, and have just seen from observing. There are endless tips and opinions when it comes to a clean and organized house, but everyone has to start somewhere and we feel that these tips can help anyone do just that.

  • Start Off Small: Don’t overwhelm yourself by cleaning the most part of your house first. Ease yourself into it. Sometimes the biggest victories are the smallest of tasks!
  • Organization is key: Creating your own list, schedule and having all products you will need at hand is a great way to assure cleaning success.
  • Clean your cleaning products: We know this sounds funny and a bit ironic, but when you’re constantly using sponges to clean, they are going to inevitably get dirty as well as hold bacteria. Make sure you wash and disinfect your sponge by rinsing and then microwaving it, or just having extra sponges on hand.
  • Don’t forget to clean your sink: Ah, the sink. The heart of the kitchen. When cleaning the kitchen, it’s easy to focus on every little crumb, grease stain or sticky juice spots; but don’t forget about the one place that see’s the most grime and leftover gunk…your sink!
  • Dress the part: As we mentioned before, when housekeepers and cleaners arrive to do the job they are wearing uniforms which could be anything from a housekeeping dress to a professional (and most importantly comfortable) shirt and pants. If decided to tackle the house on your own, don’t put on that brand-new J.Crew sweatshirt and your favorite pair of jeans and expect no problems to arise. Dress smart!
  • Prepare & carry your tools: Earlier in our tips we mentioned that organization is key, well that’s because it’s true! But, if you have ever seen a cleaning pro in action you’ll notice that they have every tool, sponge, cleaning appliance and liquid they need. Before you begin cleaning, make yourself a bin, bucket or spare bag full of your cleaning supplies. That way you can carry it around with you throughout the cleaning process and you’re not running back and forth to get something you might need and wasting time or creating more of a mess if you can’t find it.

So, there you have it. Just a few tips we have learned and accumulated over time that have assisted in tackling a successful cleaning day. We might never be as good as the pros, but at least we can try!