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Why Housekeeping Uniforms Deserve Embroidery

It goes without saying that if you’re someone that has to wear the same uniform every day, things can become plain, simple or even monotonous. But, the good news is that things really don’t have to be that way!

A uniform is something that as an employee should be worn with pride. It is not only representative of what you do for a living, but also like a badge of representing those whom they work for. Housekeeping uniforms are special in themselves because not only are they easily recognizable, but they represent many employees of a variety of companies whether that be hotels, personally owned businesses, or even self-employed housekeepers.

Because these uniforms are easily recognizable, it can sometimes be difficult to help your business stand out among the rest. Throughout the business and working world, many of us have learned that presentation has a lot to do with opinions and decisions, so presenting your company and employee’s best self is kind of a no brainer, right?

So, how does one take that step in changing the typical basic housekeeping uniform to something new and fresh? Customization. This simple, yet effective decision can not only help make your uniforms stand out, but make your staff and business memorable. Having all housekeepers in the same uniform whether that be housekeeping dresses or shirts automatically helps to create a professional appearance when on the job. But, by adding embroidery, the option to personalize company uniforms with employee names, the business name, or even the business logo automatically transforms the uniform into something completely innovative.

If you think about it, something that seems so minuscule and silly to some can give an entire company a reinvention making everyone feel more positive, excited and confident in who they work for and what they represent. Plus, if you ask us, a little self-promotion never hurt anyone!